Manual Hand Chain Hoists & Lever Hoists

VM Hoist & Crane can limitless offerings in the manual hoist category. If your looking for an economical manual hoist for light use or a workhorse for extreme environments we can provide you with the appropriate equipment to perform your specific tasks quickly and efficiently. Manual hoists are suitable for environments ranging from indoor, outdoor, wash down areas, anti-sparking, and corrosion resistant.

VM Hoist & Crane stocks the following manual hoists in the most popular lifts and capacity’s for immediate shipment. CM Cyclone, CM Hurricane, CM 622, CM Long Handle & Short Handle Puller, CM 653 series Lever Hoist, CM Series 602/602 Mini Lever Hoist.

VM Hoist & Crane is also an Authorized Warrant Service Center for most all makes and models of Manual hoists and is an authorized distributor for the following manufacturers: Harrington, Coffing, Little Mule, Budgit, Chester, Yale Elephant Lifting, Tiger Lifting.